Niswa received a call from a distraught Nyla [not her real name] after her daughter Nikki [not her real name] was admitted to the hospital due to self-inflicted injuries. Fortunately Nyla called Niswa for help. Being a minor Nikki was placed in a foster home by the Department of Child and Family Services [DCFS] as Nyla was unable to provide for her daughter. We work with DCFS on a regular bases and liaised with the social worker at Nyla’s request to transfer Nikki to a Muslim foster home. Nyla herself received housing at the Niswa shelter. Mother and daughter are safe and receive the care they need.

Niswa helped Samar [not her real name] answer the what if question. What if I – Samar – stand on my own?  Samar was falsely accused of kidnapping her children. Niswa helped place Samar’s children with a Muslim foster family. Niswa provided Samar with shelter, helped her get a job, and provided a car for transportation. Today, Samar is a successful working mom with two grown children who are acquiring their bachelors degrees. Samar was brave, believed in herself and her strength.  We are proud of Samar and her beautiful children.