In The 1970’s when immigration from Asian and Middle Eastern countries picked up, there were almost no services to help these immigrants integrate into their new country. There were no organizations with multi-cultural understanding and almost none with multilingual capability. As the number of immigrants increased, more and more needed help in a variety of matters, such as liaison with mainstream agencies, including the school system for their children, with rent, food, utilities assistance, with health issues including physical and mental health, and domestic violence covering the family’s myriad needs. Niswa was formally founded in 1990 as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) Organization with the express purpose of helping the Muslim, Middle Eastern, South Asian and other immigrant families to function at a positive optimum level. Since its inception, Niswa has provided a set of services to those who have come to its door. Today Niswa provides the services that are needed by so many to stand on their own feet to live the American dream. Niswa counts on the generous support of the community and helps its members thrive.


Ms. Sualeha Khan

Dr. Shamim Ibrahim

Dr. Sumera Raoof