Niswa received a call from Zoya [not her real name] who was in an abusive relationship and was desperate for help. With a helping hand from Niswa, Zoya received housing and shelter. Through legal aid referral from Niswa, Zoya regained her independence by leaving an abusive environment and was reunited with her child. Acquired a degree in Nursing with Niswa’s assistance. Today Zoya is a nurse and is happily married with 3 beautiful kids.

Farah [not her real name] was desperate to escape an abusive situation with her four month old baby and called Niswa from the San Diego train station. Farah didn’t even have money for the fare. Niswa arranged for Farah to board the train to Los Angeles and provided transitional housing. Farah completed her Masters in Business Administration and now is financially independent and lives happily with her child.
Rania [not her real name] lived out of state but still called Niswa. Rania needed a place to stay for herself and her baby. Niswa answered Rania’s call for help and provided her with a shelter first and then a lawyer to gain citizenship. Rania needed to be independent and with Niswa’s help she became a pharmacy tech. Through Rania’s persistence and assistance from Niswa, Rania is independent and leads a happy and productive life with her child.

Niswa received a call from Afshan [not her real name] who was a victim of domestic violence.  Niswa provided Afshan with housing and other daily needs.  Afshan needed long term assistance to become independent.  Through appropriate case management, Niswa assisted Afshan in completing her education.  Afshan is now financially independent and is leading a happy family life.