This is the story of Sarah. We received a call on our 24/7 hotline from Selma [not her real name] who was eight months pregnant, was abused by her spouse and had nowhere to go. Niswa provided housing and all that Selma needed in her condition. Selma delivered a beautiful baby girl Sarah. Niswa staff stayed with Selma and Sarah and helped them move into an apartment of their own. Niswa staff helped Selma apply for jobs, and now Selma and Sarah are safe and sound and are living on their own.


Leila [not her real name] a minor teenager called us on our 24 hours hotline from the Los Angeles airport. She had been at the airport since the day before all by herself. Niswa staff picked up Leila from the airport. She was visibly tired, and yet did not want to eat. We counseled Leila regarding her choices  and the danger she was in due to her age if she walked away from us. Fortunately, Leila agreed that the best thing for her was to go back to her father and finish her education. Niswa contacted Leila’s father and booked a flight home for her with her father’s permission. Niswa staff ensured that Leila boarded the plane and confirmed that she arrived home safely. Father and daughter were reunited and are living together as a family.